H5S R13.0 RELEASED HUAWEI IVS/ SDK Sandbox support


H5S视频平台 r13.0 版本发布,以下是主要功能介绍:

1. 支持了HUAWEI IVS1800 IVS3800;
2. 引入了设备SDK的Sandbox 技术,支持第三方SDK单独进程运行,这样大大提高产品稳定性;
3. 另外一个大的功能是基于Redis的Cluster功能,该功能会逐步在r13 里完善;
4. r13也引入了HTTP 重定向HTTPS 和多域的配置,这样可以同时支持单机模式配置和集群模式配置;
5. r13支持了RTSP RTMP 回放和多码流访问功能,并支持RTSP RTMP 访问转码后的数据;
6. r13支持WEBRTC H265模式,在服务端不转码的情况下,支持Safari直接解码H265视频; 

H5S R12.1 RELEASED WITH dark UI support

Dark Theme

12.1 1112 2020
Added: Add GB28181 uplevel GBID setting.
Added: Disable directory listing when auth is enable.
Added: Auth mediastore access based on session.
Added: Add GB28181 uplevel online offline status.
Added: Add HIKSDK light and wiper control support.
Changed: Disable SSLv2 SSLv3.
Changed: Playback UI only show loading image. 
Changed: Change UI to h5s web dark/light style
Fixed: Fix region restart configuration loss issue.
Fixed: Nvidia TX2 hostid change issue.

H5S R12.0 RELEASED WITH Docker support


12.0 1016 2020
Added:  backup file when read conf file failed.
Added:  h5ss software watchdog support, and reboot from WebUI.
Added:  Lingvideo browser which support native H265 in HTML5.
Added:  GB28181 device type define to support customized type.
Added:  GB28181 agent config and SDP ip address config.
Added:  GB28181 RTCP support.
Added:  GB28181 TCP passive support.
Added:  Default add RTSP/RTMP online check.
Added:  Stream status.
Changed: Optimize region UI.